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Arbor Vitae

Arbor Vitae

Welcome to Hotel Erica:

a novelty among Hotels in Asiago.

How many times have you wished there was a new beginning?

Take your time back, rediscover your ties with land and experience again our traditions.

Hotel Ericaa novelty among hotels in Asiago – is pleased to propose your “First Real Spring Holiday” in the Highland of Asiago: not just an occasion to have some time off, but a brand new lifestyle.

The new Hotel Erica, at just 35 km from Thiene and 4 km from Gallio, is the right place where to re-experience the slow rhythms of mountains, rediscover the hidden secrets of nature and reclaim your wellbeing. In one word, you will personally experience your “First Real Spring Holiday” in the Highland of Asiago.

Hotel Erica Asiago:

The First Real Spring Holiday at our hotel means

  • Activities in the mountains for everybody to discover the breathtaking landscapes of the Venetian Pre-Alps
  • Regenerating your body and mind in our rooms devoted to the nature of the Highland of Asiago
  • Treating yourself to our tasty local food or to the traditional Venetian food and wine
  • Wandering around with no hurry and in total freedom to discover the historical alleys of Asiago, where Hotel Erica is located
  • Experiencing the ancient Cimbrian traditions
  • Finding new energies: fitness room with treadmills, exercise bikes and step equipment





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