Horse riding excursions in the Highland of Asiago to discover nature

Nos Valley in Gallio with an educational – forestry path, Prunno Park, the mule paths of the Great War to discover the zones of World War I: these are just some of the most popular locations where to have an excursion riding a horse in the Highland of Asiago.

For those who love the slow pace of the mountains, their history and their nature, there are so many excursions that you can do riding a horse in the areas nearby Hotel Erica in Asiago. If you are a horse riding newbie, you will find many equestrian centres in the area with many saddle horses and a rich programme of training courses for all levels.

Among the numerous horse riding excursions available in the Highland of Asiago, we recommend:

  • Nos Valley: this is an educational – forestry path made up of two different itineraries in the woods and in the pristine nature of the Highland of Asiago, set in a ring
  • Prunno Plain:  just a few kilometres away from Asiago town centre. At your arrival you can choose the excursion that best suits you in the Highland of Asiago, and many other additional services will be there for you and for your “Adventure Experience” (fat bike itineraries – nordic walking excursions – Agility Forest route)
  • Theme routes dedicated to World War I: mule paths, roads and tracks mark the landscape of the Highland of Asiago. Follow them to discover the scenes of the many battles fought during World War I

During the year, it is also possible to make an excursion on a horse-drawn carriage or sleigh (at winter only) together with Fitetrec-Ante licensed riders.