Culture, Art and History in Asiago

The Highland of Asiago is known worldwide for being one of the most famous battlefields of World War I. For this reason, Asiago has become one of the hikers’ favourite destinations where to find out more about history. Ortigara, Portule, Cima Dodici: these are the names of the places where the bloodiest battles were fought. If you want to learn more about history and experience it directly on the scenes were battles were fought, during your stay at Hotel Erica in Asiago, you should have an excursion to the Asiago Military Monument, the Verena and Campolongo fortresses and Castelloni di San Marco. Also, in your historical trip, do not miss Mount Ortigara and the Zebio Open Air Museum, which is the most well-known battlefield in the Highland of Asiago (you will spot out routes, trenches and shelters).

Not just history: Asiago also hosts the Padua Astrophysical Observatory, which proposes, during the year, numerous and emotional events to observe stars with no light pollution. If you are into museums, Hotel Erica is pleased to recommend the Gallio Fossil Museum – with fossils and findings from the past – and the archaeological site of Bostel Village at Castelletto di Rotzo. For more fun, do not miss the Village of Gnomes in Asiago.