Food and Wine

Food and Wine in the Highland of Asiago: a tasty holiday

If we say “a tasty holiday” in the Highland of Asiago, what do you think of? The food and wine offer of Asiago has always been associated to Asiago PDO cheese (which stands for Protected Denomination of Origin) and we are sure you knew the answer already. Would you like to learn more about the history of this unique produce? During your holiday at Hotel Erica you can visit one of the 100 Alpine huts of the Highland and taste the typical hut-made cheese, part of Slow Food.

The food and wine selection of the Highland of Asiago is also influenced by the Cimbrian tradition, an ethnic minority speaking a language similar to German. Do not miss the Cimbrian culture, during the year, you can taste typical Cimbrian dishes and take part in numerous theme events and festivals.

Once your holiday at Hotel Erica in the Highland of Asiago is over, do not forget to bring back with you some local honey, Rotzo potatoes, aromatic herbs picked during your excursions and the distillates of herbs.