Highland of Asiago: naturalistic routes

There are so many routes near Hotel Erica – a novelty among hotels in the Highland of Asiago – to discover and explore the nature of the Highland of Asiago. The whole land is outstanding, you will find pastures, meadows, woods, beech woods … so many breathtaking landscapes that change at each corner, thus continuously surprising hikers.In the northern area of the Highland of Asiago, there still is quite of an extended wilderness with rare plants, almost unaffected by men. Other destinations for your excursions include Palù di San Lorenzo, Palù di Sotto and other protected natural areas. The Highland of Asiagooffers a broad variety of excursions for everybody: this land features mild mountains, which can be easily reached by hikers with different training levels and by nature enthusiasts.

This land is dotted by the typical flora of the Alps – mainly spruce – and inhabited by roe deer, deer and foxes. For a tasty snack, feel free to stop at one of the 100 local Alpine huts.