Nearby Excursions

During your holidays at Hotel Erica, you will discover each single corner of the Highland of Asiago, day by day. Numerous outdoor excursions await you in the surrounding area of Asiago: you will discover the nature of the Alps of Vicenza and the battlefields of World War I. Along the routes of the Great War, which was fought in the Highland of Asiago, you will find the ruins of fortresses, military citadels, trenches, stations and war cemeteries. Asiago is also crossed by the Route of Peace, a 68 kilometre route starting from a level of 1000 metres and reaching the top of top of the mountain at 2300 metres, by Cima XII. The staff of Hotel Erica is pleased to provide all the information you need about Mount Ortigara – a sacred area – the magnificent arch of Asiago Military Monument, the Museums of World War I in Canove and Treschè. Also, when you visit the areas nearby, you can not miss a visit to the war fortresses: Verena, Campolongo, Corbin, Lisser and the ex Forte Interrotto in Camporovere.

Asiago: nearby excursions to discover the Highland

  • Excursion to Castelloni di San Marco: the ideal place for enthusiasts of nature and geology. Around you, you will find mountains, waterfalls, prehistoric villages, archaeological remains and flints; for those who are into ancient history!

  • Excursion across the historical paths of the Ancient Districts that used to connect the 7 Municipalities

  • Asiago Military Monument, as known as the Leiten Military Monument, is history enthusiasts’ favourite destination, one of the main military monuments of World War I

  • Excursion to “Calà del Sasso”: an ancient route made up of 4444 stone steps, which make it one of the longest staircases in the world