Food and Drinks

Hotel Erica Asiago: a hotel where food is really good

This is one of the definitions we like most: “Hotel Erica Asiago is a hotel in the Highland of Asiago where food is really good”, this is what our guests say about us. Every day we do our best to look after our guests, also by offering excellent food and drinks to enhance and promote the specialties of the traditional cuisine of our Highland and Veneto region

The renowned Asiago cheese, bigoli (fresh pasta) and baccalà (salted codfish): dishes and raw materials that hold the history of our land. During your “First Real Spring Holiday” at Hotel Erica in Asiago, you will have the chance to taste these flavours right from breakfast, which is served in a relaxed and refined way, according to our traditions, to dinner at our restaurant. We also have special menus for specific diets (upon request), since we want to give everybody the opportunity to enjoy the “Real First Spring Holiday” at Hotel Erica in Asiago.

The First Real Spring Holiday at our hotel means:

  • Tasting the unique flavour of polenta (cornmeal mush) cooked directly on fire
  • Learning how to make bigoli (fresh pasta) according to the traditional recipe

  • Discovering the real taste of baccalà alla vicentina (Vicenza’s salted codfish)