Our position

In the heart of the Altopiano dei 7 Comuni (Highland of the 7 Municipalities): Hotel Erica Asiago.

We can offer your First Real Spring Holiday in the Highland of Asiago because we are located in a privileged position, just 35 Km from Thiene and 4 Km from Gallio. Hotel Erica is situated in the heart of Asiago, a few steps away from the town centre and the Military Memorial of Asiago, and quite close to Mille Pini Park and other Cimbrian villages. We are also surrounded by the main attractions of the Altopiano dei 7 Comuni: the Ice Rink, pubs, cafés, shops and boutiques where you can find special Cimbrian craft products.

Asiago is the most well-known village in the Altopiano dei 7 comuni (Highland of the 7 Municipalities): it is situated at a height of 1000 metres, it is surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of the Venetian Pre-Alps and it is an ideal starting point for mountaineering walks and excursions, both on foot and by mountain bike or by horse. Also, remember to visit the Military Memorial of Asiago, the Village of Gnomes and Agility Forest Millepini (course of rope bridges). When you think about Asiago, does snow come into your mind too? At winter, this area turns into a heaven for skiers: in just a few minutes you can reach the skiing schools and have fun on the cross-country skiing trails and alpine skiing slopes.