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Hotel Erica Asiago: The First Real Spring Holiday in the Highland of Asiago

The First Real Spring Holiday in the Highland of Asiago”, this is Hotel Erica Asiago’s philosophy, a real novelty among hotels in the Highland of Asiago. We call it the First Real Spring Holiday because if you stay at our hotel, you will feel as if it was Spring all the year round: our care, the atmosphere of our facility, our excellent services … a new feeling will blossom into your soul, just like when nature awakes and fills with bright colours.

Vacanza Altopiano di Asiago

We believe this is the most fascinating season in the year: we feel more open and ready to face new challenges. We also call it “The First Real Spring Holiday in the Highland of Asiago” because you will rediscover in person the hidden secrets of nature, which have been handed down from generation to generation. A unique experience awaits you and you will have the chance to enjoy the slow and relaxing mountain lifestyle of the Highland of Asiago, just like in the past, when each single moment was valuable and present was more important than the future.

Hotel Erica Asiago – The First Real Spring Holiday at our hotel means …

  • reading a book that you have long left aside
  • turning your mobile phone off and having a rest
  • tasting Asiago cheese and pairing it with honey
  • rediscovering the pleasure of a tea break, having a cup of herbal tea with your friends