Winter in the Highland of Asiago: snowshoeing excursions

Can’t you ski? Do not spoil the magic of snow, but enjoy its charm by snowshoeing along the numerous routes of the Highland of Asiago. This gentle and regenerating activity is suitable for everybody, no matter whether you are trained or not. It allows you to grasp all the colours and scents of nature slowly … enjoying their nuances! The Highland of Asiago offers numerous excursion routes that you can cover either on foot or wearing your snowshoes. The staff of Hotel Erica – a novelty among hotels in Asiago – will be pleased to recommend exciting walks, also at night time, that are safe and suitable to everybody, either on your own, or with the help of expert guides and group leaders. If you are tired of snowshoeing and you want to try something different on snow, you could try dog sledding. This sport originally comes from northern Europe and is suitable to those who wish to experience the magic of winter in an innovative and peculiar way. You will cover numerous routes on a dog drawn sled. To fully taste the typical atmosphere of the north, you could even ride a horse and visit the Alpine huts of the Highland of Asiago.