Hotel Erica: the Highland of Asiago from our point of view

The staff of Hotel Erica – a novelty among hotels in Asiago – is pleased to welcome you to the Highland of Asiago. Also known as the Highland of the 7 Municipalities, this land is placed at the border between Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige, right in the Alps of Vicenza. From hotel Erica, it is easy enough to travel to mountains with different heights, between 1000 and 2350 metres, based on your training level. There are so many breathtaking and amazing landscapes alternating plains, hills, mountains and the historical battlefields of World War I.

Over the centuries, the Highland of Asiago has always played an important role due to its geographical position. The staff of Hotel Erica in Asiago is pleased to share with you plenty of information on the Cimbrian and northern European traditions, as well as to tell you more about the Spettabile Reggenza dei Sette Comuni, the ancient institutional name of this land, an Independent Federation of seven municipalities that lasted 500 years.The notoriety of the Highland of Asiago is mainly due to the events of World War I, which deeply marked this land with trenches, fortresses and unique war findings that are collected in the museums of Asiago and its surrounding area.